Alaska Highway, No Man’s Land


dear alaska

why do little dogs live here

there are eagle everywhere

little dogs die every year

in alaska 

My baby.

My baby.

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On one of my Alaska camp trips I stayed behind at camp when all of the guys went fishing. I decided that I was going to bathe in the nearby stream that was freezing cold. As soon as I dipped my head in I got a brain freeze. I could not stop shaking but I got to change my dirty white long johns into my leopard print ones. After four days of camping it was the most refreshing thing. That was the prettiest I ever remember feeling. That night at the campfire one of my friends told me he liked me while all of the others were out chasing after a bear. These are my good memories.

Here. Have a picture of me in Alaska.

Here. Have a picture of me in Alaska.


Alaska, 1998

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